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All of the Angelic musical initiations listed here are segments of the music of the spheres.

The Angels have emphatically stated that 90 minutes is the time they must have in order to successfully complete a musical initiation on the physical plane.

The human organism works on 90 minute cycles, REM sleep, GI Tract activity, as well as 90 minute shifts from the para-sympathetic dominance to the sympathetic dominance of the central nervous system.

Pieces that heal the sympathetic nervous system have an asterisk* next to their title. The sympathetic nervous system, or left brain dominance, attunes a person to the Divine in the outer world of the five senses, they enhance logical, linear understanding, and memory.


The parasympathetic nervous system, or right brain dominance, attunes the consciousness to the Divine in the inner worlds, this music enhances the intuition, psychic senses, and emotions.  All pieces without an asterisk are for the parasympathetic nervous system.

All pieces are Angel inspired to Cynthia Rose Young with others as noted.




Angel's Adoration* An attunement that establishes the sacredness of all life in the outer worlds. Attunes the heart to the omnipresence of God. This tape is the angels' adaptation of an old Episcopalian hymn. . . . (sample)

Angel Bells Designed to prepare the mind for effortless reception of angelic communication. This piece has a loyal following among very sensitive women healers. Dec. 13,-1993

Angel Waves Prepares and heals the heart in order to be able to accept conscious relationships with the angelic community. Attunes the will to serve the highest good and the expression of perfection. This tape works best for those who have passed through the gateway of surrender.

BEAUTY A smooth and melodious tape. Establishes an attunement to BEAUTY.With Cyrus Etessam. August 1998

Benediction* A tape with unusual flowing majesty. Attunes to beauty in its highest sense and develops a creative spirit. The music develops into a soothing flowing melody that has deep etherical qualities. It is penetrating and uplifting. It is ideal for all around listening and inspiration. With Michael Schlosser and Angel Terrazas. . . . (sample)

Death-Rebirth Opens the brahmarandra or crown chakra at the top of the head in preparation for leaving the physical body consciousness. It is the beginning initiation for those wishing to experience the life of the soul and the realms above the physical consciousness. Also, the music is useful for those dealing with understanding the death or the birth of a loved one. 1993.

Ecstasy of Seven This tape was composed in 1996 which is a "7" year in numerology. This tape attunes us to this vibration. Seven is the number of beauty, love in all it's aspects, harmony, spirituality, color, music and going within. It is also the number of mysticism. There have been many spiritual healings reported by those listening to this tape. It also is great for meditation. With Sterling McVay.

Farewell An initiation for the living that enable them to release attachment to those who choose to die by taking the subtle bodies through the necessary emotions that process the understanding of this event. This is an extremely personal initiation and is best experienced alone.

Flow This musical initiation removes blocks to the flow between the left and right brain, between the intuitive and the rational . At the same time, it attunes the consciousness to the perfection of man and nature working together to create heaven on earth. With Michael Schlosser and Richard Letaw on June 17, 2000.

Full Circle The Angels gave this initiation to celebrate the transition of Jerry Garcia (of the Greatful Dead). With Aliya Stephens, Bruce Bennett, and Michael Schlosser - Winter 1995.

GERMANY Attunement to the nation of Germany in the time of "The Enchantment" A 10 second silence on side 2 is devoted to the healing of the past. With Cyrus Etessam Aug.25,1998 3:15 PM EST

Heart A gentle attunement to establish receptivity to the overpowering, heart expanding love of God. Spring, 1994.

Heart of Giving This tape is a healing for those hovering too often in the worlds of hurry, stress and overload. It will slow you down and enable you to approach the stillness. With Sterling McVay.

Healing Planets in Retrograde First of a trilogy inspired by the retrograde actions in May 1996. Attunes the chakras to the retrograde action (six planets are in retrograde for most of 1996) for the purpose of enlightenment concerning past issues and episodes in life. With Sterling McVay and Jim Shanor.

Inner Guidance Second in the trilogy, devoted to internal direction and meditation. See Sequential Rains for the third in the trilogy. With Bruce Bennett and Jim Shanor.

Kwan Yins Dream II An initiation into the dance of co-creative harmonic order at the angelic, device and nature spirit level, that is manifesting from the causal plane according to our co-conscious intent. We are conscious co-workers of the Divine Will manifesting now. Reawakens one's consciousness to the longing of the soul for reunion with the One Being. Creates the necessary stillness for the decision to reunite. Formerly entitled "Decision". Channeled solo by Cynthia Rose Young. Late Spring, 1994

Lotus Flower An initiation of grandeur and the opening of the heart. Excellent for inspiration. Spring. 1994.

MOTHERLAND The DNA encodement of the "Ancient Future"vibration known as "The Enchantment" by the Maya. The birth of the earth's perfected consciousness on 12/21/2012 is forecast in the Mayan Calendar when the setting sun on the winter solstice is conjunct galactic center at 26 degrees Sagitarius. With Michael Schlosser and Cyrus Etessam Aug.23,1998, 9:38 PM EST

The Mysterious Force This tape was channeled ON SUNDAY, MAY 20, 1995. inspired by an article in THE ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION Newspaper: "A mysterious force hurling particles at the earth with an energy so intense as to defy known physics has brought scientists from around the world to Fermi National Accelcrator Laboratory near Chicago.. Scientists say even an explosion of the largest stars couldn't produce particles of such energy, according to the laws of physics as they are now understood." This initiation attunes you to this healing force. May 20, 1995.

NATURAL HEALING Channeled in June of 2000, 3 days after the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 23 degrees Taurus. This is the initiation into the perfection of man and nature working together to make the earth heavenly.

NATURAL PERFECTION Channeled 3 days before NATURAL HEALING on the actual conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.. This is the initial vibration of nature perfected through the joint efforts of humanity and nature working together.

New Beginning Establishes the facilitation of new beginnings. June 1995

New York Sunrise (Recompense) The consciousness of New York vibrating at the frequency of perfection. The music creates balance in the listener and nurtures loving equally. The music has a deep mysterious and almost magical quality to it. As it reaches its higher vibration, the tape is comtemplative, medatative and soul searching. February 1998

New York Sunrise II The consciousness of New York vibrating at the frequency of perfection. This frequency upgrades as the intensity of light increases on the earth. NY II captures more of the hip jazzy vibration of New York. With Michael Schlosser, Jonah Merrill, Aliya Stephen and Mike Adams - Dec. 1995.

Recapitulation Attunes The ability to allow guidance to flow easily from the subconscious memory to the higher self and through the waking awareness to enhance the healing of past experiences. With Michael Schlosser.

Rites of Summer* Attunement to the spirit of summer, particularly the lushness, ripeness, fecundity, and fruition of mother earth (Gaia) in summertime. Carries the feeling of contented fullness. This is a great tape for those who feel shut in and trapped during the cold winter months. With Michael Schlosser and Angel Terrazas.

Royalty of the Soul An initiation into nobility. A very good tape for meditation and alone time. The mood of stillness opens the way into grandeur and splendor. With Michael Schlosser and Angel Terrazas - 1997

Sapphire Heart II (aka True Love) An initiation into the rhythm of angelic love. 1993

Sequential Rains The third part of the trilogy enables us to harmonize with the Angels and forces that cause weather patterns in a way which attunes to the beauty and awesome wonder of the natural cycles on earth and in the heavens. With Jim Shanor.

Serenity An attunement into the deepness and stillness of the soul. The music reminds us that our soul is as deep and as majestic as the universe. It has a loyal established following in Appalachia and among Reiki practitioners.

Triune Solstice An attunement that balances the different levels of self. Preparing the integrated self for a new way of manifestation in the physical world. Dec. 21-1994

Water Cave Peaceful yet energizing. Engages genius. Spring. 1994. With Lee Colson


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