Helping Emotions Heal

Written by Dr. Michael Schlosser and Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser

Emotional energy is the feminine energy of alpha brainwave awareness. Now is the time that this level of awareness is going through awakening, healing and balancing within the Children of Light and Love all over the world.

Uncomfortable feelings should not be bottled up any longer, denied, or suppressed by chemicals or addictive behavior. Attempts to "make negative feelings go away", or bypass them with "positive thinking", are ways of denying and avoiding AND NOT LOVING wounded feelings that need unconditional love from the adult self for the inner wounded child to heal. Most powerful negative feelings go back to earlier emotional wounding, and when negative feelings come up in day to day life, the inner child is crying out to be heard, validated and comforted. On the other side of the coin, acting out negative feelings creates more negative feelings. The answer is to not act out or deny wounded feelings, but to go within and heal the feelings themselves. Feelings are the water element, and like water, cleanse and purify through flowing freely and safely in an atmosphere of unconditional all encompassing love.


Strong present time painful feelings usually go back to a previous emotionally traumatic experience. When the psyche is ready for a certain memory to heal, it will flood your consciousness with the feelings from that memo ry. Something or someone in present time will 'trigger' an old forgotten traumatic experience. The way to know unmistakably that you are "triggered" is that you will feel so very bad that you lose your usual upbeat or hopeful perspective. This is THE BEST time to do the emotional process described below.

Unconscious emotions can best be healed at the very time when the "old feelings" of the trauma are triggered, flooding up into consciousnesss. This time is a gold mine for healing and transformation, but it is also the time when you (the triggered person) are least likely to take responsibility for them. Instead of acting out dangerously and destructively toward the present-time person or situation that triggered you, or frantically trying to deny or dissociate, the key paradigm shift is to embrace these painful feelings. Remember: This is by far the best time to process the feelings--and the memory they are associated with--when you are feeling the worst and feel the least like dealing with the original wound.

Figuring out exactly which original wounding event needs to be cleared is an art which is perfected with practice. One good technique to use is to look at the present time feelings themselves. The present-time feelings are the door opener to the past. Here is that way to identify the original emotional wound:

Make a list of all these, present-time, painful feelings and ask yourself,

"When have I felt this way before?"

Typically, more than one memory will pop up into consciousness. Usually there are a number of experiences, a pattern of them, in which these feelings occurred. The important memory to identify is the original one, the one that is the most painful. The way to determine that you have singled out "THE ONE" to process is to ask yourself "if all the bad feelings of it were completely gone, would it give me the most relief?"

This memory, once brought back into consciousness, should be lived and relived in the imagination, over and over, feeling each feeling that comes up with unconditional love.

Remember that once you have found and relived the key painful memory one time all the way through to the end, take stock of how you are feeling, then repeat it again. Recall the memory from the beginning to end, like a movie, all the way through to the end. Each time you relive the memory like this, more of the feelings of the memory come back, and more "pieces of the memory puzzle" will come back.

The memory will go through spontaneous changes. Monitor these intuitive changes. When you have a desire to correct something, or if there is something you wish you could have said or done differently, go ahead and imagine that you are making the needed correction. You can even talk to your child-self from the perspective of the nurturing-parent-self, and then allow the child to cry whatever tears of release spontaneously arise in response to the loving input of the nurturing parent, who you wished you could have had at that early age.

In doing this, the present-time adult-self is loving and validating a younger part of yourself. It was at that earlier time of life, a time of deep emotional wounding, that your child self needed loving and validation most of all.

Changes in the memory that arise from these visualized inner interventions is part of a process that the psyche uses to heal. The Kahunas of Hawaii call this type of process 'O Pono Pono', and the native Americans refer to it as 'Recapitulation'.

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